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Albena Dalkalacheva

Albena Dalkalacheva is the director of Little Steps Simeonovo. She works in the kindergarten from the very first day of its opening. Albena is a Мagister of Preschool Еducation and Kindergarten Management from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. She also has a degree in International Еconomic Relations from the University of National and World Economy.
All her 37 years professional background is dedicated to the preschool education as a teacher. The last 20 years she works as a manager of kindergartens.
Albena’s creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and organizational skills helped her in her daily work. She is proud to be part of the most important first seven years of several generations. It’s crucial for her to maintain an everyday contact with the kids and their families.
In her free time Beni, as everybody call her, likes to read a lot, travel and listen to music. She is a mother of two grown up daughters and three cute grandchildren.
Tennis Coach

Asia Aleksandrova

Asia Aleksandrova visits Little Steps twice a week to lead the children in their first steps in the tennis sport. She brings along special lightweight rackets and tennis balls and works with the children in small groups.
Asia has graduated the National Sports Academy as a sport journalist.
For 10 years she has been part of the Bulgarian National Tennis team and later she became 5 times world champion for tennis for journalists.
She successfully combines her work as a trainer with her career as a radio journalist in National Radio Chain “Focus”. She speaks very good English and she is able to communicate very well with our youngsters.
Being spontaneous and flexible is the key, when it comes to meet the needs of her little tennis masters. She loves the grateful eyes of the children and how they often challenge us, the adults.
In her free time Asia goes skiing and plays tennis for pleasure.

Boryana Zdravkova

Boriana Zdravkova is a teacher with more than 14 years professional background. She works in Little Steps from its opening in 2010. Boriana had studied in the American University in Blagoevgrad and in Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski, where she graduated as a Magister of Preschool Education. She speaks perfect English.
Boriana finds her work inspiring and rewarding and considers the teachers profession a source of knowledge for the exciting world of the children.
Encouraging, patient and energetic, Bori is one of our best teachers.
She has two beautiful children Reya and Bayan.
Boriana always spends her free time in the nature, snowboarding in the winter and gardening in the summer. Her life cause is ecology , preserving the nature and healthy living.

Boriana Yaneva

Boriana Yaneva has been working as a teacher in Little Steps Kindergarten for 10 years.
Initially she started as our nurse, thanks to her qualification as a physio- and kinesitherapist .
Meanwhile she took her degree in Preschool Education from the Sofia University and now she works as a teacher.
Boriana is caring, loving, responsible and patient with the children.
She likes the opportunity to meet a lot of new people. Bony, as we all call her, appreciates the team work and often exchanges ideas and good practice with her colleagues.
She is a cat lover, likes to spend a lot of time outdoors together with her family and loves ski sport in the winter. Bony has two wonderful children Liliana and Dimitar and a third one is on its.

Elena Vatashka

Elena Vatashka has worked as a teacher in Little Steps for ten years. Elena has university degree in English Philology and a lot of experience in different fields.
She is serious, responsible and with abundant general knowledge. Elena teaches the children good manners, open-mindedness and discipline. She is a real team player and well respected from both her colleagues and the youngsters.
“Every day is different and every child is an universe” says Elena describing the teacher’s profession. It is full of deep meaning and the sense to be there for the others.
Elena’s passion is football. She is distinguished activist of Levski – Spartak Football Club. She also has interests in history and politics and cares about stray animals.
Eli has a daughter and a grandson.
Assistant teacher

Zornitsa Georgieva

Zornitsa Georgieva is an assistant teacher in our kindergarten.
She has graduated preschool education and has eight years experience in child care.
Always calm and friendly, Zornitsa works very well in a team. She is patient and emphatic.
Zori thinks that kids’ world is full of imagination, positive energy and emotions. This motivates her for her further professional development.
In her free time Zori loves sports, travelling and classic literature. She also loves to spend time in the nature.

Joana Bogdanova

Joana Bogdanova is young, yet already experienced specialist in preschool education.
Joana had graduated Sofia University and had taught English language for three years in Foreign Language Center. After that she was a teacher in public kindergarten for one year.
Joana is positive, energetic and friendly person with distinguished sense of humour. She quickly became one of the most favorite teachers.
Joana’s hobby is children literature and making decoration with nature materials.

Maria Aleksieva

Maria Aleksieva has been a teacher in Little Steps since 2015.
She has graduated Geography and Educational Management. In the beginning of her carrier she has been teaching English in different Foreign Language Centers. Then she was a teacher in a kindergarten in UK for more than three years. Meanwhile she obtained wide range of qualifications connected with English Language, Leadership and Children Safety.
After her returning from England she became again part of our team.
Maria stands strongly for the professionalism in teaching. She is sincere with the children and they appreciate her positive energy. Her good interaction with the class leads to excellent results and her students grow up as independent and self-confident people.
She is married and a mother of two – Mihaela and Boris.
In her leisure time Maria makes greeting cards, works with clay and loves photography. She also writes fairy tales and her big dream is to publish her own children book.

Maria Kalpakova

Maria Kalpakova has been a teacher in Little Steps since 2017. She is the most favorite teacher of our youngest kids – 2-3 year olds.
Maria has studied and graduated History in Sofia University. Having teacher qualification, Maria had chosen to work in a kindergarten because she really appreciates the curious eyes of the toddlers and their joy when something new was learned and mastered.
Her interest in the early year development inspired her to complete Waldorf Steiner education course.
She is a mother of two – Teodor and Maya.
She loves travelling and her hobby is knitting.
Dance Teacher

Maria Stoyanova

Maria Stoyanova is our dancing teacher. She visits the kindergarten twice a week and her popular and interesting dancing lessons turns the kindergarten into real party place full of good mood and joy.
Maria has graduated Primary School and Preschool Teaching in Sofia University and also the National Sports Academy as a sport dancing trainer.
Maria speaks good English. She is positive and jolly person, she loves the children and works with enthusiasm. She thinks that leading and educating the kids in the beginning of their lives brings big happiness.
Maria is a mother of two grown-up children. She is proud to be trainer of the ten times national champion salsa dancing couple. She had also participated in TV show “Dancing Stars” in 2009.
In her free time Maria trains boxing.

Marina Budnicova

Marina Budnicova is young Ukrainian lady who choose Bulgaria for her home.
Marina is a lawyer, but her perfect English and completed Early Childhood Psychology courses helped her to become one of the favorite teachers in Little Steps.
The essence of her work with them is the individual approach. She always considers the personality and uniqueness of every child to develop their creative capacity.
Marina makes researches in the ways children comprehend and acquire knowledge and understanding. Based on these researches she offers new teaching ideas.
Marina’s hobby is astrology and numerology.
Мusic Teacher

Nadejda Miteva

Nadejda Miteva is a musical teacher in Little Steps. Her lessons are twice a week in every group in the kindergarten.
“Nade” as the kids call her, introduces the world of music to the children, teaches them to sing and play their little musical instruments.
She plays piano and guitar. She has graduated Musical Pedagogy with classic guitar. Nadejda writes songs and music for puppet show and gives individual piano and guitar lessons.
Nade loves her job as it combines her two most favorite things – children and music. “Every lesson is different, kids are real enthusiast and it is wonderful to observe their growing self -esteem and satisfaction”: says Nadejda about her daily work.
In her free time she goes hip-hop dancing, plays in a rock band, she loves to go to theater and concerts.

Nevena Stamenova

Nevena Stamenova has a long term professional background as a teacher in Little Steps.
She has graduated Psychology and Philosophy and she is a Magister in Development Psychology. Her scientific researches led her to complete courses in Cognitive Psychology and another one for Working with Children from the Autistic Spectrum. She also has practical experience in Autistic Children Center.
Nevena can be described as an innovator in her work. She always seeks and discovers new ideas and methods. Her teaching is intensive, but interesting and a lot of fun.
Nevi thinks, that the bond between teacher and class is vital. The work of the educator is not only to present knowledge but to create exciting world for the children full of joy and a little magic.
In her leisure time she reads books and makes art and craft projects.
Nevi is married and a mother of a wonderful daughter Marina.

Polina Kirkova

Polina Kirkova is in charge of the Bulgarian programme of the 5-6 years olds.
She has graduated Bulgarian Philology in Sofia University “ St. Kliment Ohridski ”.
After being a journalist for ten years, from 2017 Polina started working with preschoolers. She joined our team in 2023.
Poli is friendly, emotional and bonds easily with her students.
She loves their spontaneous curiosity and internal freedom to learn, play and create.
In her free time Poli likes to travel, read and socialize with friends.
But the most precious time is the one spent with her family. Poli is a mother of two wonderful sons.

Rositsa Bozhinova

Rositsa Bozhinova is a specialist in Preschool and Primary School Education. She has worked in a party center and as a care-taker in a parent cooperative venue.
Rossi has calm and balanced personality and patiently and willingly responds to the endless children’s questions.
Rossi interacts very well with her group and she is an important person for their growing up.
She considers her work fun and very rewarding and she is very happy to see the success of every child. To obtain these results Rossi gives them the freedom and the encouragement to create.
In her free time she paints landscapes and makes aroma candles.
As she says “ Everything is better when it smells better.”
Кarate Teacher

Sensei Veselin Panayotov

Sensei Veselin Panayotov is our long-term karate teacher.
Veselin has 37 years professional background in sports training of children and adults. He is very responsible and caring and dedicated to his work.
Vesso has a karate club and often the parents of our youngsters know him as they had also been his karate students in the past.
Veselin loves hardworking and he is really happy to see the results of his lessons – medals and trophies from different tournaments.
His hobby is fishing and kayaking.
Mental Arithmetic Teacher

Sepide Sepehri Nur

Sepide Sepehri Nur leads the lessons of Mental Arithmetic.
Sepide is a doctor- neurologist and a certified instructor of Mental Arithmetic and speed reading.
She is always friendly and approaches her students with patience, love and a big smile. At the same time she is persistent and determined to develop each child’s natural abilities.
Sepide believes that the young ones with their energy and enthusiasm have a lot to teach us, the adults. She cherish their genuine happy smiles, when progress is accomplished.
In her free time she reads, travels and loves to meet new people. Good films are her hobby.

Silvia Vasileva

Silvia Vasileva has been teacher in Little Steps since 2023. She is a student in Sofia University “ St. Kliment Ohridski “ in the Teacher Training Faculty.
Silvia is responsible, sensitive and modern young specialist. We all value her sense of humour and positive energy. What attracted Silvia to the profession was the opportunity to interact with young children and also the team work. She considers herself lucky to combine the theory from the University with the practical work in the kindergarten.
Being a mother of two boys Silvia prefers to spend her free time with her family.

Tatyana Plachkova

Rositsa BozhinoTatyana Plachkova is our nurse. She has graduated for paramedic – midwife and has a Biology degree for a laboratory doctor.
Tatyana has been working for Little Steps since 2022.
She loves the children and interacts very well with all of them. She has very energetic and positive personality and approaches the little ones with genuine care and responsibility.
She likes her job with children and being together with her colleagues.
Her hobby is knitting and sewing, she likes to be in the nature and to ride a bicycle.
Tanya has two wonderful kids – a boy and girl.

Fidanka Kotzelova

Fidana Kotselova or “ Fifi ” , as all children call her, is in charge of the hygiene ,order and serving the food. She has been working for Little Steps from the very opening in 2010.
Hardworking, friendly and loving, she is all kids favorite.
She also teaches them gardening. Together they plant vegetables, water them and when it is time for harvest everybody eats salads with appetite.
Fifi has a family with two daughters, grandchildren and recently great granddaughter.

Tsvetelina Ivanova

Tsvetelina Ivanova joined our team in 2015.
She had graduated Primary School Pedagogy with English language in Southwestern University “ Neofit Rilski “.
For long years Tsvetelina was a teacher in our nursery group, and recently, thanks to her organizational skills and quick analytical thinking, she became our administrative assistant.
Tsvety, as we all call her, is a team player. Calm and balanced as personality, she focuses on the important issues.
Tsvety thinks that when taking good care of the children, we take care of our future. She likes her profession and works with pleasure and fulfillment.
She has wonderful family with two big sons and loves to travel with them around Bulgaria and abroad.
For 18 years she was part of Bulgarian folklore dancing and music ensemble and she is an excellent dancer.
Good music is always part of her fast daily routine and it is a kind of meditation.
Science Class Teacher

Yavor Denchev

Yavor Denchev is the leader of our science class for children. Yavor is a Magister of Microbiology from the Victoria University, Canada.
Being the founder and the main scientist of “ DNK” – Children’s Science Class, Yavor is well-known from the stage of “ Bulgaria got talents “ and the broadcast “ Science with Yavor Denchev” of the morning show “ 100 % awake” on Bulgarian National Television.
Yavor captures children’s hearts with his unique sense of humour, his imagination, his experimental spirit, patience and last but not least, his excellent English and Bulgarian language.
His favorite moment is the reaction of the children when they realize new intriguing fact. He appreciates the genuine curiosity and the sparkle in the young eyes.
But most of all he cherish the questions, the willingness to solve problems and the kid’s smiles.
In his free time Yavor likes literature, theatre, he plays piano and paints pictures.
His dream is to build a shelter for stray dogs and to take care of them together with his wonderful wife and daughter.

Yana Georgieva

Yana Georgieva is a teacher in the preschool group in Little Steps. She has been studying Psychology in New Bulgarian University and she is a currently a student of Primary School and Preschool Pedagogy.
Yana has gentle, patient and calm personality. All the children consider her a friend. She always seeks and emphasizes the strengths of each child’s character and believes in the individual approach in her work.
Yana appreciates the team spirit in our kindergarten, as well as, the big variety of activities and the dynamic daily routine with the preschoolers.
She thinks her job gives her the opportunity to learn and to develop as a specialist.
Jana loves to spend time with her family and together with them to travel, to discover new places, to look after animals and to read books.
Yana has a son who is a student.

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