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Little Steps Musagenica

For parents

The families of each child enrolled in Little Steps receive an internal regulation outlining the policy, rules, organization of work, and activities in the kindergarten.

At the beginning of each year, an organizational meeting is held to inform parents about upcoming important topics and events during the academic year. During individual parent-teacher meetings, held twice a year, families can receive detailed information about their child’s development, interests, accomplishments, and overall progress. During these meetings, teachers provide recommendations for developmental guidance and communication with the child at home. Parents’ observations of the child’s life and behaviors at home, shared with our teachers, are extremely beneficial for their proper growth and upbringing.

One week per year is designated for open lessons, where parents are invited to attend and observe how their child’s day unfolds at the kindergarten.

Parents receive daily feedback in person from their child’s teachers, and additionally, they can peek into their child’s daily activities through the Class Dojo platform, where they receive real-time photos from the sessions. At the end of each week, the teacher provides a personal notebook where what the children have created and learned during the week is documented.