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Maria Stoilova

Maria Stoilova is the principal of the kindergarten. She believes that the child's personality should be at the center of every institution working with children. Achieving a balance between academic knowledge, emotional development, and social skills is the vision and mission she strives for. The most important values are respect for the child's personality and individuality, love, and support. She believes in the interaction and active participation of families in the lives of children. Her aim is to stimulate critical thinking and proactive attitudes towards oneself and the world from an early age, to foster tolerance, empathy, and acceptance of differences, as well as a sense of belonging and care for the family and community.

She loves working in a team and believes that the essence of the profession lies in passing on knowledge and skills. She enjoys traveling, dancing, and prefers the sea over the mountains. She is a fan of good books, beautiful movies, and poetry.

Her personal motto is: "Pass it on!"

Office Assistant

Natalie Vladimirova

Natalie Vladimirova (Miss Natty) is our smiling and friendly office assistant. She has a degree in Public Administration, European Projects and an additional qualification in Business Management. Nati is responsive, adaptable, responsible and organised. She loves her work in the Little Steps team, the contact with colleagues, children and parents. The atmosphere in the garden motivates and inspires her. In her spare time she loves to travel and discover new places, spending time with family and friends.
Medical Specialist

Darina Angelova

Darina Angelova (Miss Dari) is the nurse at the school complex "Alphabets". She graduated with a Bachelor's degree - "Medical Specialist" and a Master's degree - "Social Activities". Miss Dari is organized and responsible and will impress you with her friendliness, calmness and professionalism in providing medical care. She greets our little friends every morning to make sure they are in good health and ready to get fully into their activities. Miss Dari has dedicated her entire professional life to working with children. "I have kept the child in me which helps me in communicating with children."

Radostina Tuyova

Radostina Tuyova (Miss Ina) has a Bachelor's degree in Preschool Pedagogy with English and a Master's degree in Interaction with Children with Problem Behaviour. She has been working with children of different age groups since 2011 and at Little Steps since 2016. She never stops improving, and this is evidenced by the numerous seminars and trainings she attends and the more than 5 additional qualifications she has already acquired. She is a balanced and smiling person, contributing with positivity and creative skills. Miss Ina is an excellent professional and shares a genuine joy in her work. "The most important qualities for a teacher are to listen to the children and give them attention and love, that way everyone is happy." In her spare time she enjoys folk dancing and handicraft.

Styliana Atanasova

Styliana Atanasova (Miss Sisi) is a graduate of General Pedagogy. She has been working as a teacher since 2010 and has been part of the Little Steps team since 2012. She leads the classes in Bulgarian. She is a caring, organized, cheerful and calm person who considers the children's needs at every moment. Miss Sissy focuses her efforts on creating lasting habits of independence and communication and encourages her pupils to be independent, polite and responsible. "I love my job as a teacher because children have that magnetic energy that motivates me to continue to develop as a professional in this field." In her spare time, in addition to spending time with her family, she enjoys sports, hiking in the mountains, meeting colleagues and friends, and relaxing with a book in hand.

Nadia Dimitrova

Nadia Dimitrova (Miss Nadia) will charge you with her wide smile and the eternal positive energy that flows from her. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Preschool and Primary School Pedagogy and a Master's degree in Educational Management. Miss Nadia leads the classes in English. She is sincere and extremely funny, which wins the children's trust and helps them adapt quickly in her presence. "I love the contact with children because they are infinitely pure, innocent and full of ideas. Their smiles and the happiness in their eyes make me eager to work. In my work, the most important quality for me is the ability to listen to them." In her free time, she enjoys reading books and drawing.

Anelia Atanasova

Anelia Atanasova (Miss Annie) is a graduate of "Preschool and Primary School Pedagogy", and has been working as a teacher since 2015. She leads the classes in English. Loving, humble and patient, Miss Annie wins us over with her consistency in working with children. She uses creative and artistic approaches in her work and strives to spark their imaginations. "I love my job because I believe that each of us has the power to change the world for the better and I believe that if we show children different ways of communicating and how to be responsible and independent, the mission is half accomplished." In her spare time, she loves to read and her favorite book since childhood continues to be Peter Pan.

Irina Chakirova

Irina Chakirova (Miss Irka) has a Bachelor's degree in Elementary School Pedagogy with a Foreign Language. She has been working as a teacher since 2009 and in 2011 she became a part of the Little Steps team. In 2018 we welcome her to the team of Little Steps - Musagenitsa. In addition to being dedicated to the little ones in the kindergarten, she is also a mother of two twins. Organised, caring and smiling, she approaches the children with love, calm and attention. She loves her job because interacting with children energizes her positively and brings her great joy. She loves to spend her free time with her family. She loves to travel, hike in the mountains, and relax with a book in hand.

Radina Ilinova

Radina Ilinova (Miss Radi) graduated in Elementary Pedagogy with English and in Speech Pedagogy. She has been teaching since 2015. Miss Radi is charged with imagination, positivity and creativity. She loves teamwork and adapts quickly. Her favourite activities and games are with children. As an educator, she values children's developmental progress and feels fulfilled when she knows she has contributed to it. She likes and loves her job because it is dynamic, fun and different every day. She spends her free time in nature, practicing different sports, playing board games. She loves challenges and new things, having fun and spending time with her friends and family.

Gergana Georgieva

Gergana Georgieva (Miss Geri) graduated in Bulgarian Philology, Preschool Pedagogy and European Policies for Transport Development. Miss Geri is ambitious, dedicated, creative and enjoys working in a team. She fulfils her role as a teacher with joy and pleasure. She believes that every child deserves an individual approach. She shows love, patience and understanding in her work. In her spare time she enjoys singing and dancing and is energised by long walks in nature.