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Little Steps

Little Steps Kindergarten is an English-language kindergarten established in 2010 in the Simeonovo district as a childcare centre. In 2011, it obtained a license from the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science (Order No. 14-33). In September 2013, the branch in the Musagenitsa district opened its doors, which is a part of the educational complex “Azbuki”.

Currently, the kindergarten successfully combines state educational requirements with English language learning through proprietary educational programmes. Children’s daily activities are conducted in English, facilitating its natural and smooth assimilation. Children also study and communicate in Bulgarian, with a stronger emphasis on Bulgarian in pre-school groups activities. Thus, both languages simultaneously contribute to the children’s development and enrichment.

At “Little Steps,” we rely entirely on a carefully selected, high-quality team of qualified and motivated young teachers who dedicate themselves to making children’s stay in the kindergarten interesting, meaningful, and diverse. We are delighted to have experienced educators with excellent English skills.

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In our work, we adhere to the following four principles

A Unique Child

At “Little Steps,” we strive to see each child as a unique and irreplaceable individual.

Positive Relationships

We help children build positive relationships and seek their contribution to the world around them.

Enabling Environments

We create a cozy and encouraging environment that encourages children to give their best.

Learning and Development

Through play, we encourage children to explore and develop their imagination and creative thinking.

Our Goals

  • To provide a warm and safe environment close to the family atmosphere
  • To make learning fun and engaging
  • To support and encourage each child
  • To offer activities that stimulate growth and development
  • To promote positive self-esteem and confidence
  • To instill values such as honesty, respect, care, etc.
  • To encourage curiosity and a love for creativity

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