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Little Steps Musagenica

Food menu

The food at Little Steps is nutritious and diversified, meeting the needs of growing children. The dietary regime we provide is in line with the requirements for healthy eating and the origin of the products guarantees the children’s normal development.

Meals are prepared by an external catering company from the freshest possible ingredients with great care and attention. They are delivered to the kindergarten within an hour of preparation, and strict adherence to all hygiene standards is ensured during serving.

The weekly menu is jointly developed by the kitchen supplier and the kindergarten’s nurse at Little Steps, who monitors its proper balance and compliance with basic nutritional principles. It always includes grains, dairy or fresh milk, fresh fruits, and fresh salads. Each day, children are offered one non vegetarian and one vegetarian dish, with minimal salt content.

Our aim is to provide a proper and healthy dietary regime, including plenty of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Early exposure to nature-friendly eating habits, as well as good table manners, are also among our priorities.