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Additional activities

Our knowledge of early childhood development tells us that physical activity plays a fundamental role in intellectual maturity in the process of child development. That’s why at Little Steps, we organize various types of additional activities through which children develop their talents, interests, culture, and healthy bodies.

Our out of class activities are a paid form of education, as registration for them is at the parent’s discretion and choice, based on the child’s interests and age.


Football develops high motor activity in children, and with the emotions it generates, it is interesting and accessible to all children. This sport promotes teamwork, teaches tolerance and self-control. Each football session includes warm-up, basic, and concluding parts. In the main part, children perform game exercises. In the basic part, they practice elementary technical skills such as ball handling, straight and inner shots, stopping and catching the ball, shots at goal, as well as playing football. In the concluding part, they perform penalties and stretching exercises.


Swimming sports develop the child’s body as comprehensively as possible – from building motor and respiratory culture to forming healthy musculature. Swimming strengthens the child’s immunity, expands the chest, and harmoniously develops the musculature. Team spirit creates communication skills and introduces discipline to the young swimmer. The main focus in swimming training is getting used to the water. Depending on their abilities, children swim independently, with a board, or floats. Training starts with dry exercises, followed by practicing elements in the water – crawl, diving, breathing in water, and coordination of crawl and backstroke.


By practicing tennis, children learn that discipline, hard work, and perseverance are necessary for success. At the initial levels, each training session includes various activities: warm-up exercises, elementary relay games, practicing various elements of tennis (with a foam, rubber, or real tennis ball), skill and speed games where children learn coordination of movements.

Art Studio

Art Studio sessions are the times when children feel calm and free to create and express themselves with the language of art. It is a space where children provoke their imagination, thought, and creativity. Through work with various natural materials, they enrich their skills, learning how to apply them in practice and create. During the sessions, they have the opportunity to feel clay as a natural material, look through looking glass, creating a new interesting world, and breathe life into old recycled materials.


Ballet is an excellent way to initially develop correct posture, coordination, excellent balance, and motor habits. It teaches children gracefulness, an elegant manner of movement, and accustoms them to disciplined behavior. Ballet art initiates the ability to assert oneself and express beauty through movement. It satisfies children’s aesthetic sensibility through harmonious music and graceful movements. In children’s classes, basic foot and arm positions and body postures are learned.

Theatrical Workshop

The theatrical workshop is aimed at expressing the child’s inner world through play, empathy, and the opportunity to create a plot together with other children. Here, children develop their sense of rhythm, motor culture, and become acquainted with various forms of communication. They also learn how to express themselves, their emotions, and thoughts, perform etudes, and use body language to provoke imagination. Children will have the opportunity to get acquainted with photography, costumes, and free expression as an integral part of theater art.

Bulgarian Folk Dances

In these classes, children have the opportunity to get acquainted with and practice Bulgarian folk dances as part of our country’s culture and traditions. Here they study their first dance steps, strive to achieve synchrony, and gain a sense of the collective spirit of dance.

Fit Kids

Active games and gymnastics are designed to acquaint children with motor culture and a healthy lifestyle in a pleasant and safe environment. Suitable exercises for each age are included, increasing strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination in the growth process, while improving listening skills, attention retention, and the ability to follow instructions. For this stage of child development, we have created special programs that will help the child redirect and transform their energy into creative development.


Taekwondo teaches quick reactions during games, respect for others, and also recognition of one’s own strengths and weaknesses. Through training, children unknowingly develop numerous mental qualities such as will, perseverance, concentration, combativeness, as well as the ability to react appropriately in difficult situations. The sessions not only increase their flexibility but also serve as an important prerequisite for strengthening their bodies and, last but not least, as a barrier to the development of musculoskeletal diseases. Taekwondo aims to increase physical capabilities, improve mental discipline and emotional balance, teach us self-defense, develop a sense of responsibility towards ourselves and others. The Taekwondo training program further develops the nervous-muscular apparatus, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and endocrine systems, coordination, concentration, plasticity, and discipline in children. Sessions are conducted by Senior Coach Dimitar Mihaylov – 4th Dan, who is a multiple republican champion, medalist of European student championships, and of various international tournaments.

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