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Little Steps Simeonovo

Learning programme

The programme of our English speaking kindergarten follows the British Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum which gives clear guidance for learning based upon developmentally appropriate practices. We have further adapted the programme to fit our international kindergarten and the needs of all of our children.

Our curriculum is built around the following four principles:

A Unique Child

At Little Steps we recognise all children are different, but should be treated equally. We make every attempt to provide full opportunity for each child to do their best.

Positive Relationships

We help children manage their feelings and build positive relationships.

Enabling Environments

Children learn and engage in a safe, child-friendly environment. We make sure our nursery environment meets their physical and emotional needs.

Learning and Development

Through play and exploration, we support each child’s learning. Children are encouraged to develop imagination, be active learners, and make decisions. Developing our children’s creative and critical thinking is a priority.

Six areas of

Learning & Development

Personal, Social & Emotional Development
helping to build confidence, concentration, independence and respect.
Communication, Language & Literacy
developing speaking and listening skills and beginning to read and write.
Problem Solving, Reasoning & Numeracy
focusing on number work, mathematical ideas and thinking.
Knowledge & Understanding of the World
helping children investigate and think about their place in the world.
Physical Development
relating to developing physical skills and understanding.
Creative Development
centred around building children’s imagination.
Together with the English Language based programme we apply the best properties of the Bulgarian programme for preschool education in the following directions:
  • Bulgarian Language and Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Surrounding world
  • Art
  • Music
  • Construction and technology
  • Physical education

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