Our Team

Our qualified Team

Krassina Andric Administrative Director

Krassina Andric has been the kindergarten Administrative director since the very start in 2010. Before that she worked as a Public Relations representative of a privately-owned English school in Sofia for two years and as a Retail manager of a luxury brand in London for over 8 years. While living inUK she acquired herBAHonorsin Accounting and Management and started her own family. Her personal interest in child development motivated her to further improve her formal education she is currently building up her Masters degree in Preschool Education.

Albena Markova Head teacher and Programme Director

Albena Markovais our Programme Director and teacher of our Lucky Lions. She is the heart of our educational programme. Her very accomplished professional background includes more than 25 years in both teaching in and managing of young learners centres. Her most significant professional experience is her work for 14 years in the first international kindergarten in Bulgaria. Beni has a Masters degree in Preschool Education and a second Masters in Preschool Education Management. She has a Cambridge Advanced Certificate in English and a Montessori Teacher Training Certificate. Last but not least Beni loves creativity and values individuality, and cultivates both in our children every day.

Zdravka Mileva Teacher

Zdravka Mileva isthe teacher ofour Bulgarian Preschool Group (6/7 year old children). She has
completed her Bachelor degree of Preschool Pedagogy at Blagoevgrad University
where she is currently working towards her Master’s of Psychology as a distant student. Zdravka has years of experience as a kindergarten teacher. She is passionate about folklore and is a keen dancer of Bulgarian national dance. She is also our dance teacher.

Boryana Zdravkova Teacher

Boryanaisateacher of our Playful Pandas (3-4 year old). She is an eager researcher of child psychology and behaviour and has a natural love for children. She is currently completing her degree in Preschool Education. Bori is also studying the Hocus and Lotus Foreign Language Methodology for Young Learners, a joined project of Sofia University and the University of Sapienza, Italy. Boris long-term goal is to develop her professional career in child psychology. She has been working with children both as a teacher in an international kindergarten, as well as a babysitter to foreign families.

Irina Atanasova Teacher

Irina Atanasova is our mainteacher of the Funny Foxes (our 2 year olds). She has completed her degree of Preschool pedagogy with English language in Blagoevgrad University. She has experience with kids of different ages but her real interest is working with kids of nursery and kindergarten age. She is young, energetic and adores children.

Nadezda Miteva – Music teacher

Nadia is our music teacher. She graduated the national Music School Liubomir Pipkov with classical guitar. She attained bachelor degree in Preschool Music Education and continues in building up MA in Music Pedagogy. Nadia communicates with our children through music. Songs, Rhythmic and musical games break the morning silence twice a week. This happens with accompaniment on piano or guitar. Besides singing the children enjoy playing all kinds of percussion instruments.She believes that music helps the children to see the world.

Fidanka Kotzelova Cleaning Lady

Fifi maintains ourkindergarten in an excellent condition, as well as helps us with serving our snacks and lunch meals. Fifi worked in a wood-processing factory for 36 years and therefore loves wooden toys. Most importantly, Fifi loves kids and makes sure our young learners have the most pleasant and neatly organized environment where they can play, learn and discover.

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